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Smart glass and film create flexible workspaces and memorable experiences for anyone who visits your office. Read this article to discover 6 ways smart glass can be used to make an impact on office design.

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Now that virtual meetings have become commonplace, it is even more essential to create meaningful experiences when people visit your office. 

Innovative smart glass can enhance corporate image and make a lasting impression. Here are 6 ways that switchable glass technology can give your workspace a competitive edge:


Switchable glass and film are the only window treatment that becomes completely invisible when you want to be able to see through your glass. When the glass is switched to frosted, it gives occupants privacy. When it is switched on, it becomes clear- giving the office space a sleek, modern look. This switchable effect eliminates the need for bulky blinds or curtains. 


In a world where workers are increasingly allowed to work remotely and meetings are held on zoom, people have higher expectations of the offices they come into contact with. Smart glass and film create flexible workspaces that can transition between private and open through the use of switchable glass walls, partitions and doors. The result is an office that can adapt to the changing needs of workers and visitors throughout the day. 

Future Forward

Businesses need to demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Smart glass is a very futuristic technology that shows that a company is embracing cutting edge technology and is aware of current trends. 

Healthier Work Environments

While a sleek design and modern technologies can make an office look great, there’s another factor that really influences the overall mood and corporate image of any organization and that’s its employees. 

Incorporating more glazing into an office design increases natural light levels, which have been proven to elevate morale, productivity and mood. Using glass for interior features such as walls and partitions creates a more open, connected workspace and increases collaboration and creativity among employees. Smart glass accomplishes all this while minimizing distractions by giving employees control over privacy when they need to focus.

Make a Lasting Impression

One of the most common applications for switch glass is conference rooms. This is partly due to privacy, but also because it really makes an impact on visitors. Switchable film and glass can also be used as a whiteboard or rear projection screen during presentations.

Custom Designs & Switchable Logos

Through carefully layering, switchable designs and logos can be embedded within smart glass and smart film. These designs disappear and appear within the glass, seamlessly transitioning between 4 different states. This gives companies a further opportunity to make an impact and is a great option for branding commercial windows, reception areas and boardrooms.

Can you imagine how smart glass could be used to transform your office? Contact us today to get a free quote and recommendations for your unique project. 

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