How Smart Glass Makes Your Home Feel Bigger and Brighter

Using glass is one of the best ways to make any space feel bigger, brighter and more open. However, privacy is often a concern. With Smart Glass you can enjoy all the benefits of designing with glass without any compromise on privacy.

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Most people’s dream home has lots of windows, ample natural light and large open spaces. However, many people find themselves living in residences that are lacking when it comes to windows, have more artificial light than natural and feel small. Those who do have plenty of windows may find they don’t have enough privacy or may get too much sunlight at certain times of day. Fortunately, smart glass is the solution for many of these design challenges.

Smart glass and film allow you to incorporate more glass into your space by providing instant privacy. Privacy glass uses PDLC technology to go from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, eliminating the need for curtains and blinds. 

Here are seven ways switchable glass can make any space feel more like your dream home:

Add More Glass

Make small spaces feel more open by eliminating visual barriers and using glass instead. While mirrors reflect light and space, glass exposes and frees up space. Wherever possible, you should opt for glass.

Glass in Living Rooms

Older homes typically have small living room windows that in turn make your living room appear darker and smaller. If you want larger windows, you can have a carpenter open up your walls and have larger windows installed by a glazier.

Smart Glass in Bedrooms

If you want privacy in your bedroom but don’t like feeling boxed in, switchable glass or film may be the perfect option for you. Smart glass makes privacy effortless by going from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, push of a button, smartphone or voice command. You can control the glass without having to get out of bed, a true luxury for any bedroom.

If your bedroom faces a backyard, you have lots of options and may consider replacing your windows with switchable glass doors that open onto a small patio or balcony. This will make any bedroom feel much larger.

Privacy Glass in Bathrooms

Adding windows to any bathroom can bring in the natural light you desire and even give you a beautiful view to look out at from your bathtub. If you have a small bathroom, choose clear glass shower doors over a curtain or frosted glass to make the space feel bigger. You can also make your master bedroom feel bigger by replacing bathroom walls and doors with glass to achieve an open concept effect. Whenever you want privacy, simply switch the glass to opaque. Smart glass can be used in moisture prone areas such as bathrooms and showers so long as it is sealed properly along the edges with a silicon gel. 

Switchable Glass in Kitchens

If you want to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home you may consider replacing windows with bifold windows. Bifold windows open wide and can make you feel like you’re out on the patio when you are busy in your kitchen or entertaining. 

Add Skylights

If you don’t have a ceiling between your roof and home interior you can simply install skylights to make your home feel taller and brighter. Adding smart film to skylights is a great option for cutting the glare from unwanted sun as it can be difficult to use curtains or blinds on skylights. 

Smart Glass Doors & Entryways

Entryways can feel tinier and more constricted than other areas of the home and are often overlooked. Glass doors and sidelights can brighten up dark doorways and give you a nice view of your yard. The glass can simply be switched to opaque when privacy and security are needed. Smart glass is blast-resistant and has built-in soundproofing properties. Any type of glass can be made switchable either through our lamination process or the application of smart film. 

These are just a few ways smart glass products can be used to create a bigger, brighter and more comfortable living space. Our customers are always impressing us with innovative ways to use our products. 

Think outside the box and discover ways to use glass in every room of your home. Contact us today for recommendations for your space and a free quote.

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