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We are a Vancouver based company and all of our switchable glass and film is manufactured at home in British Columbia.

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Smart glass and smart film instantly modernize any space and go from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, giving you privacy on demand.

Our PDLC film and glass products have been installed all over the lower mainland and across British Columbia in schools, condos, luxury homes, office buildings, conference rooms, dental clinics and much more!


‘One of our clients wanted to install curved glass in their dental office to show off their newly renovated clinic. At the same time, they wanted to be able to give their patients privacy during treatment. We had worked with smart glass before and decided to give curved smart glass a try. Our client was very impressed with this product!’

- Anna Davenport, AZ Commercial Interiors

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Smart glass is installed just like regular glass.

Smart film is simply applied to the surface of
existing glass.

Smart Glass Country may be available to
assist with installations in the Vancouver area and throughout British Columbia for larger projects.

We offer wiring solutions for
operable smart glass windows, doors, partitions and retractable walls.

At Smart Glass Country, we can even do curved glass, IGUs and other customizations, such as low-iron glass or adding antimicrobial coatings.

Ordering smart glass and film is Easy

Check out this video of our smart film in an anti-aging clinic in Richmond, British Columbia.


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