Smart Glass: The ultimate privacy solution

Easily create dynamic, multifunctional homes, offices and commercial spaces with switchable glass technology.

Design without boundaries

Imagine a building filled with light, but with no need for blinds. Smart glass technology is an innovative solution that transforms glass from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand.

Switchable glass technology offers architects and designers unprecedented versatility when designing with glass.


‘Smart Glass helped us win a project for a city office building, even though it wasn't specified as a requirement. Smart glass helped us create a wellbeing focused design that consisted of connected, open office floors and switchable glass individual offices and conference rooms. When it came to wiring sliding glass doors, Smart Glass Country had all the answers.

- Jacob Lieberman, DMS Design

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Large floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls invite the outdoors in and provide ample natural light.

We offer wiring solutions for
operable smart glass windows, doors, partitions and retractable walls.

Any type of glass can be made switchable, whether it’s security glass, triple insulated glass, fire resistant or soundproof.

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Our premium quality smart glass products, competitive pricing and industry experience make our solutions stand out!

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