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Smart PRIVACY Glass

Smart Glass provides a myriad of possibilities for architects and interior designers
by allowing glass to easily toggle between clear and frosted states.

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Smart Privacy Glass

Control Your Environment

Smart Privacy Glass gives you unprecedented control over your privacy, lighting conditions, sun, glare and heat transfer.

Set Timers
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Experience Privacy on Demand

Smart Glass Is The Smart Choice

Switchable Glass is extremely versatile, making it ideal for both external windows and indoor glass features. Its ability to instantaneously switch from transparent to private gives it unique design value for both residential and commercial settings.

Gallery of ideas
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From bedrooms and glass shower enclosures, conference rooms to retail showrooms, Switchable Glass Technology has thousands of applications

Application of Smart Glass

Enjoy Natural Light

smart glass office

Natural light promotes productivity and positivity. Our self tinting smart glass feature allows you to maximize daylight without the glare, meaning you never have to close the curtains and can always enjoy the view.

When the sun is at its highest intensity the privacy smart glass will be at its darkest so you can enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of sunlight all day long.

smart glass house

Ordering smart glass


To get started send us some details about your project or any questions you may have about our switchable glass products and services.


Once we have the specifics about your particular project we will send you a quote. Smart Glass prices range from $80-120 USD per sq ft and special pricing is available for orders over 200 square feet.


After we have received payment we will produce the Smart Glass according to the project specifications and ship it to the address provided. This typically takes 3-6 weeks.


Smart Glass can be easily installed by any glazer in the same way as regular glass. We provide detailed instructions but do not perform installations ourselves.

Follow up

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and remain available to answer any questions to insure smooth installation .

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Order With Confidence

A missed shipment or cumbersome ordering process can delay your project timeline. Some companies over promise and under deliver, but we know that isn’t sustainable. We make it our top priority to produce and deliver our products as soon as possible, with an average delivery time of three weeks. The wrong supplier can turn your dream into a nightmare. Don't let it happen. Order from us!


Discover how switchable glass can benefit you and modernize your space.  Send us information about your  project and we will send you a personalized quote within 24 hours.


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Ask about out products, pricing, implementation, or any thing else. Our advisors are here to help you chart a course to success.