switchable glass
the transparently better choice

Switchable Privacy Glass toggles between clear and frosted at the flick of a switch. It opens up a whole new world of possibility to architects and interior designers and allows full control of privacy, light, sun, glare and heat gain.

SWITCHABLE glass technology
opens a new world of glazing options
transparent to opaque
at the flick of a switch

Switchable Glass toggles between clear and frosted at the flick of a switch. It opens up a whole new world of possibility to architects and interior designers and allows full control of privacy, light, sun, glare and heat gain.

Let the daylight in: Keep the world out. It’s up to you.

The versatility of Switchable Glass makes it ideal for use in both external windows and indoor glass features.   Its ability to switch instantly from a fully transparent state to privacy mode give it unique functionality that is valuable in both residential and commercial settings. 

From bedrooms and shower cabinets, conference rooms to retail showrooms, Smart Switchable Glass Technology has thousands of applications!

Control privacy at the flick of a switch

Reduce levels of light, sun glare and heat gain

Protect against noise pollution

Protect against forced entry

Dispense with the need for dust-gathering window treatments

Protect flooring and furniture from sun damage and fading

Embrace the modern minimalistic aesthetic

Advantages of Switchable Glass

Laminate glass panels can be seamlessly positioned side by side with no need of vertical frames.  By dispensing with the need for blinds or any other window covering, Switchable Glass provides total privacy when needed, yet presents a clean contemporary image.

Advantages of Switchable Glass

Remote Control
Set Timers
Smart phone

Operating Switchable Glass is as easy as pressing a button on your choice of device including wireless remote, home automation systems, timers, door locks, smart phone app or a simple wall switch.

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Cost Saving and Productivity

Switchable Glass maximises the use of natural daylight and minimizes the need for artificial light. This is not only a healthier environment for building residents but is also beneficial to the bottom line.

The cost savings don’t stop there. Switchable Glass considerably reduces solar heat gain and maintains a more comfortable internal temperature thereby reducing reliance on HVAC cooling systems.

Unparalleled Noise Reduction

Laminated Switchable Glass is effective in reducing sound pollution and this makes it ideal for use in schools, hospitals, clinics, and in residential or commercial facilities near airports or busy streets.

As it is, Switchable Glass increases the STC rating of a window or internal glass partition but the effect is enhanced when combined with  (Insulating Glass Units).

High Visibility and Protection

In secure units, visibility is crucial but window coverings can cause blind spots. Replace fabric blinds with Switchable Blinds and security staff can opt for full visibility and partial or full privacy at any time. 

The tensile strength and durability of Smart Glass can optionally be enhanced to make it blast-resistant, bullet-proof and fire-retardant.

Strong, Durable, Reliable

Switchable Glass is made of Switchable Film layered between two pieces of tempered glass, to ensure maximum durability. The result is strong, water-resistant and simply beautiful.

The WOW Factor

The visual effects made possible by Switchable Glass Technology add an elegance and sophistication to any interior design.

An open office looks airy and welcoming. Transparent windows bathe the room in natural light. Office staff feel connected and there is a feeling of camaraderie and teamwork.

There may be times however when that large space needs to be quickly adapted for sensitive business conferences. At the flick of a switch glass partitions can be set to privacy mode and a more intimate area created for meetings.

Selectively frost sections or blocks of glass to change the ambiance of your lounge at the flick of a switch.  Or instantly transform an entire window to HDTV to really drive a business presentation home.

Why Smart Glass Country is the smart choice

Smart Glass Country is not the only supplier of switchable glass technology. Some of them offer solutions that match our own product in one or two tests. Not a single one of them however, can beat SGC products across the board. 

Others offer a benefit that we do not. Dimmable glass is an example. SGC does not offer dimmable glass.That’s because dimmable glass is less stable than switchable glass and the product degrades over time. 

There are other companies that have really good products. We analysed they products and they passed the test. But not all the test were passed.

Superior products

Smart Glass Country is committed to the exciting future of switchable privacy glass technology and deeply involved in the research and development of new applications. We are the only company offering smart section blinds technology.



No yellowing from UV exposure


Uniform opacity when curved


Laminate is highly resistant to peeling due to extreme weather conditions


Soft light dispersal

Cost Effective

We do our best to make switchable glass technology price affordable . 


Customized to fit non-standard shapes

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Switchable Glass Pricing and Information

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