innovative self-tinting glass
for home and office

With modern switchable glass, your home or office windows can be switched between clear and opaque at the flick of a switch.

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darkens gradually and dynamically
when heated by direct sunlight

Self-tinting sunglasses that darken in response to the varying strength of sunlight just make sense, don’t they? They are one of modern life’s pleasant conveniences, protecting your eyes from exposure to UV rays and harsh daylight.

Anyone who occupies a window desk in an office block must surely wish that the glass they sit beside had the same responsive qualities. After all, while it is always possible to draw a blind, who wants to sit in semi-darkness all day?

Natural light

Dust free

UV Block

John Kelly, an office worker in “Clear Waterveiw”, says “when I got promoted, I was given one of the best  desks on the floor. It occupied a corner and had a great view over the downtown streets.

But it only took a few weeks to realise that the desk came with a big drawback. By early afternoon I was always baking and I would be squinting through the beginning of a low grade headache.

In order to escape the direct sunlight, I draw the blind, but then my co-workers complain because they miss the view.”

Cut the glare, keep the view

Modern technology brings the benefits of self-tinting glass to windows in both home and commercial environments. Just as sunglasses become darker in response to the strength of the sun, today’s adaptive glazing is also responsive to sunlight. 

Dynamic self-tinting glass windows darken or lighten throughout the day. The level of light is kept in comfortable balance and there’s no need for any blinds, curtains or shading structures which block the view. Even at the height of the day, when the sun is at its strongest and the glass is at its darkest, your view to the beautiful outdoors is never compromised.

Modern, clean and minimalistic

For architects and interior designers, adaptive glass is a dream come true. They no longer have to find a compromise between their vision of clean, minimalistic lines and their client’s comfort. 

On the contrary, a wide window wall becomes an element of the design which needs no further adornment. In fact, the view itself becomes part of the interior.




Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Reduces Solar Heat Gain

Noise Deadening

Blast Resistant

Dispense with the need for dust-gathering window treatments


Embrace the modern minimalistic aesthetic

Natural Light Improves Productivity

Several studies over the last decade, including the Health, Wellbeing & Productivity in Offices report from the World Green Building Council support the correlation between natural light and productivity. Although there’s still a question of whether the greater benefit comes from sitting closer to the window or from having access to the views outside, there is no doubt at all that increased natural light improves the wellbeing of workers

Home and Commercial Application

Self-tinting glass is  termed ‘passive switchable glass’. It dynamically adapts itself in response to environmental conditions, needing  no other stimuli or human intervention. This makes it particularly suitable for reducing energy consumption. Because self-tinting glass is relatively low in cost but provides  significant energy savings it is seeing increased use in all types of architectural applications including both domestic and commercial new buildings. 

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Daylighting and Productivity

● Pennsylvania Power & Light reported a drop in absenteeism of 25% and an increase in productivity of 13.2% after its daylight building upgrade initiative.

● 68% of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices

Natural Light and Positivity

● Access to window views has been linked reduction of boredom, anxiety, and stress, and increased productivity

● In one study, when asked, “Should offices have windows?”, 99.1% of respondents said YES

Natural light and positivity

A Belgian study asked workers to select which positive aspects of windows were important to them. 
89% of respondents chose all factors.


Sunlight makes
you feel good


Visual contact 
with the outside


Preference to work
in natural light


Daylight improves the appearance of the office


Daylighting& Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for occupant satisfaction, and our understanding of the health and wellbeing benefits of light is growing all the time. It can be difficult to separate out the benefits of daylight – greater nearer a window, of course – from the benefits of views out of the window. 

Several studies in the last decade have estimated productivity gains as a result of proximity to windows, with experts now thinking that the views out are probably the more significant factor, particularly where the view offers a connection to nature.

While these studies generally reflect on the wellbeing of workers, the impact of daylight is as significant in a home environment as they are in a commercial one. 

There has never been a solution for home-owners  that would allow them to cut out the harsh mid-day glare without also cutting out the benefits of natural light. Until now.

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