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smart glass technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Modern technology opened the window to an entirely new way of treating glass for privacy, energy efficiency and design. So called smart glass can turn crystal clear glass to opaque at the flick of a switch. Read on to find out about the benefits of intelligent, switchable glass but first … how does smart glass work?

Smart or switchable glass changes from transparent to opaque thanks to the action of an electrical current on liquid crystal molecules.

In the inactive, OFF position, Switchable glass is opaque and offers privacy and shade.  It is also in this state, that Switchable glass can be used as a top of the range HD projection screen.

When power is ON, smart glass looks like any other glass. It is crystal clear allowing home owners, hotel guests or office workers the full benefit of landscape views and natural daylight.

Switchable Glass is Fully Customizable

Both switchable glass and smart film are fully customizable and can be tailor-made to fit non-standard windows, skylights or glass features. Additional features such as blast resistance, solar-tinting and sound-proofing are also available.

Smart Glass Country’s high end products are catered to each customer and every job is unique.  We invite you to give us an outline of your project whatever the size or shape of the glass and let’s get to work.

Can it be combied with other products?

The functionality of switchable glass extends to different practical applications including x-ray glass and two way mirrors. It can be installed in double or triple glazed units and in individual panes or entire glass walls. Smart glass can also be ordered in traditional clear glass or tinted in various colours.

How do you switch switchable glass from one state to another?

Switchable Glass is controlled by switching an electric current on and off. This is done via a controller which might be operated via wireless control, smart phone app, home automation system, timer or smart door lock.

What is the average cost of switchable glass and smart film per window?

Every  project is unique as there are a variety of different treatments that may be added to the product to increase soundproofing, blast-resistance, flame retardation, solar tinting and so on.
There is no ‘average’ price of Smart Switchable, Smart Film and Smart Section Blinds but we can quickly supply an estimate for any project.

Can Smart Film technology be applied to my existing windows?

Absolutely! Smart Switchable Film has a self-adhesive cling layer on one side which can be applied just like the screen protector on your phone. We prepare the Smart Film for your specific glass size and then  you just need to peel and stick.

How do I measure the required quantity of Smart Film?

Measure the height and length of the glass, allowing for a 1/8” (3.175 mm) installation tolerance.

How do you clean Smart Film?

Smart film should be cleaned with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser. Avoid harsh chemicals and sharp instruments. Be sure to remove liquids from any edges that may collect during the cleaning process.

Can you cut holes in Smart Section Blinds and cut to custom shapes?

Yes, we can prepare Smart Section Blinds with pre-cut holes and in non-standard shapes.

How do I convert my glass into a high-definition TV?

Two technologies are available: rear projection (using a projector and Smart film as a screen), and transparent LED display. Please contact us for more information.

What are the environmentally friendly properties of Switchable glass and Smart Film?

increased natural light
reduced solar heat gain
reduced energy consumption
improved worker well-being and productivity
easy to clean with no harsh chemicals required

How do I connect an electric current to Switchable Glass products?

Similar to any electronic device, you plug Smart film into a power outlet and it’s ready to go. You can also connect to the controller or download an app from the Apple Store or Google Play to control it from your smartphone.

What is the difference between Smart Section Blinds and Smart Film?

The difference between smart film and smart section blinds is in the degree of control one has over the glass area. Smart Film blocks or adjusts opacity over an entire window.

Smart Section Blinds however, can be divided into stripes or blocks and each section then adjusted to create varied effects and stylish statements.

What are the technical properties?

When Switchable Glass is switched OFF 99.8% of harmful UV radiation and 73% heat-generating infrared light is blocked.


Maximum wigth: 47" (1200mm)
Maximum length: 120" (3048mm)
Larger castom sizes available.


Power - 60-110vac
Frequency - 50/60Hz
Current -0.1 ampers per 10 sqft
Power - 7 watts per 10 sqft

Optical and sound

Light transmittance
Light reflectance
UV block
IR block





What is the difference between Adhesive Smart Film and Non-Adhesive Smart Film?

Adhesive Smart Film has a backing that can be peeled off and the film stuck on the window in the same way that a phone screen protector is applied.

Non-Adhesive Smart Film  does not have a peel and stick backing. It is instead applied using double sided tape. This  tape supplied with the film or can be purchased at any hardware store.

Does Smart Film have to cover the entire window or glass pane?

No, not at all. Smart Film by Smart Glass Country is completely customizable. You can specify the dimensions you want and we will prepare to your exact specifications. That means you can cover the whole window, half the window or even create a custom shape on the window with Smart Film.

Does Switchable Glass and Smart Film have a Warranty?

Yes.  All Smart Glass Country products are under warranty for a period of one year following delivery of the smart switchable film and three years for switchable glass. Extended warranty  is available, please contact us for more details.

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