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With modern smart glass, your home or office windows can be switched between clear and opaque at the flick of a switch.

Every journey starts with a single step

What is Your Vision?

At Smart Glass Country we pride ourselves on our creativity and flexibility. Our products have such a wealth of applications that we can hardly imagine a situation in which we wouldn’t be able to to find a solution to suit your switchable glass requirements.  

We love a challenge and it all starts with you. Let’s get started.

Project outline

In the form below, let us know all about your project.

We want to know technical details like sizes, location, and timeframe. But we also want to know about the imaginative and human details.
        -What is your dream?
        -What feeling do you want to achieve?
        -Who will be using this space?  
        -Have you considered any other solutions?
        -What are your main challenges/goals regarding your project?

Who Are You?

We want to know all about you. Tell us your contact details and how you learned about Smart Glass Country. Do you have architectural or design experience? Please complete the form below and let’s get creative!

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Once the sumission is sent:

Once we have received your project outline we will prepare a preliminary  estimate. If necessary, we may contact you by email for more details first.

We may need to ask you a few questions to better understand your requirements. If, during this process, we feel that Smart Film or Smart Glass are not the best solution for you, we will decline the order and you should feel comfortable to do the same.

Smart Film and Glass are remarkable products and we want every client to be completely satisfied. So only once we are both confident that Smart Film is the right fit, will we proceed to the next step and issue you a final estimate.

TEL: 1-800-791-1977
Email: Info (at) smartglasscountry.com