With modern switchable glass, your home or office windows can be switched between clear and opaque at the flick of a switch.

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switchable glass technology
opens a new world of glazing options
transparent to opaque
at the flick of a switch

Smart Glass toggles between clear and frosted at the flick of a switch. It opens up a whole new world of possibility to architects and interior designers and allows full control of privacy, light, sun, glare and heat gain.

Bathe your living and work space in natural light. Protect your privacy at the flick of a switch.

Just imagine the attention-grabbing possibilities of projecting product stories, promotional video, company motivational clips and more onto entire office or retail store windows. 

Whether showcasing seasonal trends or your company’s vision and company support, glass wall projection is a new promotional tool brought to you by the innovative technology of switchable glass.

Easy installation

Switchable Glass is easily installed in new builds or renovation projects by any glazier or contractor. Smart Film can be retro-fitted to any current windows as easily as a screen protector can be attached to a smart phone.

Switchable Glass and Smart Film have so many potential applications that we could not possibly cover them all here.  We do love to hear about your ambitious projects for Switchable Glass and as yet, we have not met a challenge for our products that we haven’t found a solution for.

Freedom from design limitations

Constraints Free

Historically, architects and designers were bound by certain design limitations such as the need to balance the beauty of a glass window wall with its solar heat gain, heat loss, HVAC requirements or the necessity to incorporate shading features. 

Now, with innovative switchable glass, architects are free from such constraints. They are able to design for clean lines, elegance, light flow and aesthetics in the knowledge that Switchable Glass products provide absolute control over the internal environment.

LEED Certification and Energy Efficiency

The fabulous energy-saving properties of switchable glass drives down HVAC costs while the ability to maximise natural light reduces electricity consumption for lighting. 

The savings in energy consumption are not only significant for the office or home owner’s pocket. They are also environmentally significant. Switchable Glass is a sustainable product which counts towards LEED Certification and the greening of our planet.

Flexible functionality

Switchable Glass functionality makes it suitable for use in a wide variety of situations.  Its beauty, durability and responsiveness make it increasingly popular for use in both residential and commercial buildings, including homes, schools, banks, malls, clinics and more.

Why choose Smart Glass Country?

Switchable Glass applications

Innovative Switchable Glass technology has endless applications. It has optional functional properties like flame retardant and sound-proofing treatments that make it a valuable building or design material in many situations.

High functionality

Its durability and water-resistance make it ideal for exterior window walls and also for smaller, trickier areas such as car and yacht windows.

High flexibility

Striking Section Blinds, beautiful in any living or office space, allow instant personalization and flexibility. While Smart Glass Blinds offer the same easy option between natural light and privacy, the ability to switch different areas of the glass partition on and off in striped and block patterns is an ingenious way to quickly change the mood

Highly customisable

All of the benefits of Switchable Glass are available in easily installed Smart Film. Prepared to your exact specifications, Smart Film offers switchable privacy and can be cut into non-standard and irregular shapes.

High fashion

One of the most exciting applications of Switchable Glass is its ability to turn any glass partition or window wall into an HD projection screen. Just imagine the attention grabbing effect of projecting high-fashion displays on floor-to-ceiling glass walls in a retail setting. 
If a business presentation is key to landing a deal, the wow factor of turning an entire office window into an HD TV is hard to beat.

Beautifully suited to all settings

switchable Glass in an office settings

Switchable Glass on the external window wall of an office building allows natural light to flood in and workers inside to enjoy the motivational benefits of views to the outdoors. 

The ability of Switchable Glass and Smart Film to reduce solar heat gain and the need for  lighting results in significant energy savings.

Applying Smart Film to glass partitions and internal office walls makes reconfiguration of the office layout to create communal or private space a snap.

Switchable Glass in a residential settings

In addition to the many functional benefits of Smart Film, there are few decorative treatments to match its ability to transform a room. Whether it is applied on the glass doors of a shower cabinet or on existing window, Smart Film immediately dispenses with the need for fussy blinds or curtains for privacy.

Those who appreciate the minimalistic vibe love the clean lines and blocks of innovative Smart Section Blinds. Detailed control of striped and block sections of window glass enables striking visual effects on both internal and external glass.

Switchable Glass in medical and salon

While visual contact with patients in a clinical setting is important, so is privacy and hygiene. Switchable Glass offers both visibility and privacy and yet dispenses with the need for blinds, curtains or added screens that all would require cleaning in a sterile environment. 

Specialized switchable X-Ray glass is available for use in X-Ray units. Optional treatments can also render X-Ray Glass, Low E, Bullet- Resistant, Blast- Resistant, Fire Resistant or any combination of the above.

Retail advertising

The possibilities are endless, from placing in front of a product in store, and displaying promotional videos, to being used in front of artifacts at a museum showing facts relating to the object.

We can even add touch interaction with multitouch sensors available for all our transparent displays.

Superior products

Smart Glass Country is committed to the exciting future of switchable glass technology and deeply involved in the research and development of new applications. We are the only company offering smart section blinds technology.



No yellowing from UV exposure


Uniform opacity when curved


Laminate is highly resistant to peeling due to extreme weather conditions


Soft light dispersal


Customized to fit non-standard shapes

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