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Instantly make medical facilities, schools, hotels and public spaces more hygienic and efficient with switchable glass technology.


SMART GLASS CURBS the spread of PAtHOgenS

The COVID-19 crisis will fundamentally transform the way both public and private spaces are designed. This is especially true for healthcare environments where curtains and blinds can hold onto pathogens and pose a contamination risk. Switchable glass products go from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand.

In an effort to help prevent the spread of infectious disease, Smart Glass Country is offering a limited time discount of up to 50 percent off on Smart Film orders plus free shipping for healthcare and public spaces.


‘We were looking for a quick fix to make our clinic safer for staff and patients. We opted to replace our curtains with smart film because it was easy to install and clean. Now whenever we need privacy we just turn the glass on and off and we can wipe the glass as part of our standard procedure after seeing patients.’

- Karen Salsbury, MedCare Clinic, Ontario

Create efficient and clean healthcare environments

Medical privacy glass

Smart glass and film are ideal for hospitals, clinics and medical offices. Switchable glass allows for touchless control and easy cleaning, unlike privacy curtains.

We also offer
antimicrobial coatings to further protect glass surfaces. from contamination.


design quieter and safer workspaces

Office design trends have moved away from boxy cubicles and opted for open, connected work environments. There are three problems with this trend: privacy, noise and the spread of infections.

Switchable glass walls, windows, doors and partitions provide privacy on demand while minimizing noise pollution and the spread of illnesses.


transform your living space

Smart Film: The Perfect DIY Project

With so many people at home it is a great opportunity to complete do-it-yourself projects around the house. Smart Privacy Film is easy to install in the comfort of your own home.

We also understand that people are facing hardship at this time and will be extending our discounts to homeowners as well.


take advantage of this limited time offer

Here is an example of smart glass controlled by SIRI for voice command, eliminating the need for touch controls.

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Ask about out products, pricing, implementation, or any thing else. Our advisors are here to help you chart a course to success.

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