smart glass Instantly transforms meeting rooms

Create open, connected office environments with conference rooms that easily alternate between clear and opaque.


Make an impression with innovative switchable glass

Smart glass technology transforms glass from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand. These properties make it ideal for boardrooms and meeting spaces that often require privacy, but not all the time.

Maximize natural light and office space by equipping conference rooms with switchable glass walls, windows and doors. Smart glass and film also minimize noise and opaque glass can be used as a projection screen or whiteboard.

Who else is using smart glass?

‘We had a conference room in the middle of our office floor that was blocking a lot of natural light and making our office feel smaller. We replaced the walls with Smart Glass walls and now our space feels a lot bigger, more open and connected and we don't have to use as much artificial light. Whenever we need to have a private meeting we simply switch the glass to opaque, which always impresses our clients!’

- Jonathan Chang, Prestige Software Services

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Tempered Smart Glass is safety glass and can be installed by any glazier. Our options are able to meet stringent building codes and energy requirements.


Smart film

Smart Film is applied to existing glass, transforming it into switchable glass. This makes it ideal for retrofitting glass conference rooms.



Soundproofing properties keep noise out and conversations in.

Opaque glass can be used as a
projection screen
for presentations.

Switchable glass adds
'Wow' factor to meeting rooms.

Save time by instantly transforming meeting rooms with the flick of a switch,
remote control or voice command.

We offer wiring solutions for
operable smart glass windows, doors, partitions and retractable walls.

Any type of glass can be made switchable, whether it’s security glass, triple insulated glass, fire resistant or soundproof.


How Do I Order Smart Glass and Save?

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Enjoy this video from our client who has connected SIRI for voice control.

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Why use ordinary glass when you can use smart glass?

Our premium quality smart glass products, competitive pricing and industry experience make our solutions stand out!

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